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Ultimate Hydropen

60 minutes hydrating facial

Origenal price: $198
Member price: $168

Only $128 Now

The Anti- Aging -facial ➕ Microdermabrasion. Vitamin C mask. Growth factor Infused with Oxygen pen . Reduces the appearance of Discoloration. Stimulates cell. Turnover & collagen and Elastin production

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Swedish and Tuina Regular Deep Tissue

2 hours:
Cash: $120, Special Price: $115
Credit Card: $130, Special Price: $125

4 hours:
Cash: $240, Special Price: $230
Credit Card: $260, Special Price: $250

10 hours:
Cash: $600, Special Price: $550
Credit Card: $650, Special Price: $600

Asian deep tissue Massage:

2 hours:
Cash: $160, Special Price: $155
Credit Card: $170, Special Price: $165

4 hours:
Cash: $320, Special Price: $310
Credit Card: $340, Special Price: $320

10 hours:
Cash: $800, Special Price: $750
Credit Card: $850, Special Price: $780

Motion acupuncture $150/hour.

Traditional acupuncture $120/hour

Langhorne acupuncture available Monday and Tuesday

Welcome to Lizhi Health Spa

We are the best in bodywork and massage in Jenkintown and Langhorne. We specialize in the mesmerizing art of reflexology, an ancient therapy that will undoubtedly evoke bliss, relaxation, and restore your energy. Lizhi Health Spa has been envious of our extraordinary capabilities since we opened our first branch from 2014, simply because we are good at what we do. So when thinking of massage in either Jenkingown or Langhorne, the best choice would be Lizhi Health Spa.

Why Choose us

Our trained and experienced therapists are ready to evoke a total sense of nirvana, compliments of our numerous methods of massage. Lizhi Health Spa in Montgomery County have been envious of our extraordinary capabilities since we opened, simply because we are the best at what we do. So when thinking of massage in Montgomery County PA, the only choice should be Lizhi Health Spa.

Our massage will promote a more positive energy for your mind and body.

Come in and try our invigorating Foot Bath, with power to relieve tension and anxiety in your mind and heart. For a more dynamic massage, our popular Reflexology is proven to increase circulation, relax the muscles throughout your body, and promote overall relaxation throughout the body. For the pinnacle of therapeutic massage methods, please try our Hot Stone Therapy, which has an amazing effect of calming muscles deep inside the body, destroying toxins and having you feel much more relaxed after the treatment.

Lizhi Health Spa in Jenkintown, Montgomery County has been completely revolutionized.

With the best massage in Montgomery County PA, we guarantee that you will leave our establishment feeling as though you had reached the heaven.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to Lizhi Health Spa at Jenkintown, Montgomery County PA, and revive your Qi!

You will have the best experience by our professional massage therapist!

Find the massage that fits you

Asia deep tissue massage

One of our specialty massages. Our deep tissue massage is a combination of Western techniques and traditional Chinese Acupressure points. It uses many special techniques which use deeper, slower strokes. Sometimes acupressure points are used for certain parts of the body in order to relieve tensions and reach the aching tissues. The deep tissue massage will help relax, relieve muscles or nerve pain.

Benefit: Relieves pain, minor adjustment to body shape, relieves stiffness of the body, anti-aging effects.

Swedish / deep tissue / Tuina

One of the most common massages. Mild and varied pressure can be applied for smooth and long strokes on muscles. Mostly for relieving stress, relaxation and maintaining well-being.

Benefit: Relaxation, and maintenance of good body condition. Suitable for kids and elderly people or people who are looking for regular and recurring massages.

When your body relaxes, your "Chi” will flow through your body and increase blood circulation which will simulate good energy and improve your overall health.

Foot Massage(Reflexology)

Our foot massage comes with different options of foot baths: Chinese herb, Herbs, Milk bath. Our foot basin comes with an auto foot massager. While you enjoy the foot bath, you will also get a head, shoulder and hand massages at the same time.

Benefit: Detox and relaxation. Increase blood circulation and improve well-being. Reflexology is the area of the foot that corresponds to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot will bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.

Massage + Cupping

If you are always tired or you have constant headaches, shoulder aches, back pains. These therapy combinations will help to improve the symptoms.

Combine both benefits of Massage and Cupping therapy at the same time. After massaging relaxes your muscles, cupping helps to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body to promote self-healing. They will help with pain, inflammation, increase blood circulation, and increase your immune system

Cupping Therapy

Traditional Chinese Cupping: We have Glass Cupping and Rubber Pump Cupping. They are safe and effective.

Massage + Scrub

After exfoliating the dead skin of your body, followed by the high quality massage lotion or oil massage.

Benefit: To reveal your new skin, improve skin texture for better absorption of skin products. Reduce skin itchiness and dryness.