Swedish/ deep tissue/ Tuina /

2 hours pay card is $120 (in cash $115)

5 hours pay card is $290 (in cash $275)

10 hours pay card is $580 (in cash $550)

Swedish/ Tuina / Deep tissue

One of the most common massages mind and various pressures are adjustable for smooth and long strokes on muscles, mostly for relieving stress and relaxing.maintaining well being.relax and maintain good body condition, help your “Chi will flow through your body and increase blood circulation which will simulate good energy and improve your overall health.

Asia deep tissue

2 hours pay card is $160 (in cash $155)

5 hours pay card is $390 ( in cash $ 375)

10 hours pay card is $780 (in cash $750)

Asia deep tissue

one of our specialty massage. Our deep tissue is a combination of western techniques and traditional Chinese acupuncture, it uses many special techniques which use deeper,slower strokes,sometimes acupressure points are used for certain parts of the muscles in order to relieve tensions and reach the aching tissue .the deep tissue massage will help relax,relieve and even heal muscles or nerve pains.

Benefit: Relieve pain,minor adjust body shape,relieve the stiffness of the body,anti-aging.

New Year's special offer: VIP price for everyone, and $5 off for cash.

On Father's Day, every male customer can get an extra 10 minutes of free massage as long as they show a photo of their child.



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